Tributary is an imagination cooperative
building exceptional niche products.

How We WorkApply

How We Work

We create niche software that does one thing extremely well.

We engage in perpetual revenue shares with our partners.

Who We Work With

People who identify opportunities for automation and efficiency.

People who are ready and willing to share the product with others.

Our Process

We build the products we like at no cost and retain full ownership.

We co-create the product and strategy with selected partners.

We offer generous commissions for the lifetime of business.

Collaboration Application

Applying to work with Tributaries takes about twenty minutes. Before applying consider if we're a good fit:

  • You are a legal U.S. resident able to enter into a contractual agreement.
  • You are willing to share and promote the product with your network.
  • You are seeking a collaborative work experience of mutual respect, trust, and accountability.
  • Your idea solves a very specific problem.
  • Bonus points if your working towards nonprofit, philanthropic, or public goods efforts.

Download our learn more about our approach to parntership.

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Our Efforts

The world's most advanced nonprofit capacity building AI.
Automates NPPES lookups for with SAP Concur.
World's most advanced Poshmark sales analytics software.

About Us

Ron Rivers

Ron is the best-selling author of Self-actualization in the Age of Crisis and a co-founding member of SpiritDAO.

He speaks about the intersection of spirit and system as a means of transcending the crisis and is a thought leader in blockchain-based community infrastructure.

Professionally a full-stack developer, 501c3 Executive Director, with previous experience founding and successfully exiting a startup.

Press /lectures

Tressa Rivers

Tressa is an award-winning fashion designer turned software designer.

Over the past four years she's expanded her design talents with an intimate knowledge of software development, primarily working with Python, Flask, Databases, React, and LLMs.

Outside of work Tressa is an avid runner, science fiction lover, Mom, and volunteer.

Why Work with Us?

We're experts in every step of the product development process, from ideation to GTM strategy.

We bring established methodologies to the process that enhance clarity and transparency.

We value equity and fairness in our partnerships; we seek to create shared prosperity.

We make it easy to bring your vision to life.